What you need to know about professional car detailers is that they take car detailing seriously. It  is irrelevant of how serious or how light paint damage may be on your paint.  Serious professional car detailers use world renowned lasting products for auto detailing services from some of the best car detailing and product manufacturing products around the globe. We have also ventured into the use of P.T.F.E. More on that in the Fact files.

Whether your car is worth five thousand dollars or over 100.000 dollars the complete
treatments apply to all manner of paint finishes. If it is swirl marks, scratches or just
plain imperfections, anything that can be removed, is removed or rectified. If it can’t be rectified, you’re in trouble.

It is a professional car detailers goal to achieve the best possible results. We have a passion for what we do. We strictly adhere to the rule of one vehicle per day for professional car detailing or paint correction. Vehicles are dropped off in the morning and picked up late afternoon. This not just provides all the time required, but also provides not just a shine, but more importantly a glass finish achieved from the best paint products on the market and the know how to apply them with the time required.